E is for Book is a group of traditionally published, professional children’s book authors and illustrators who are working on various digital book projects.

The blog is not a review site per se and we do not take submissions for reviewing purposes, publish press releases, et cetera. For a list of book app review sites, please see this article.

Please let us know about any sites that specialize in reviewing ebooks for kids. Thanks!

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  1. Some children's book authors, game designers, illustrators have started a meetup group for creatives in the New York City area who want to build story apps together. It's called "Study Hall" because the aim is to be very hands-on and collaborative and to share skills and ideas as we work on projects.

    Our first workshop, sponsored by Demibooks Composer, is Jan 26.

    Here's the link: http://www.meetup.com/TransmediaKIDS-NYC-APP-Study-Hall/