Saturday, November 17, 2012

Piggles Goes to School... the video trailer.

About this book:
On his first day of school Piggles worries about everything. But Piggles learns to think for himself as he outsmarts dinosaurs, a witch, a goblin, a UFO, a dragon and a pirate. Filled with puzzles and interactive fun, Piggles loves school once gets there. 

'Piggles Goes to School' challenges children to think for themselves and overcome problems as they travel with Piggles on his way to school. Touching objects initiates sounds, actions, animations.  Help Piggles solve a variety of puzzles to make his way safely to school.

As an illustrator and writer of more than 50 children's books I had a great time creating this app. You can download this app in the bookstore, which is an iTunes store

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  1. Great, my daughter loved the video. Time to surprise her with the app!