Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mousey the Explorer e-book app - in bookstores now

My first interactive e-book app, Mousey the Explorer has been published in the bookstore.

So this will be my toe in the water for e-book app making. 
I made up this little app-trailer for YouTube. 

This e-book app is filled with interactive sounds, animations, puzzles, coloring and musical activities.

I'm the actor, writer, producer and director. I do the set-design, lighting, costumes, makeup, stunts, choreography and special effects. I'm also the cameraman, technical wizard, animator and I make the coffee.

I'm the publisher too.

I have to say, it's almost boring to do just plain flat digital art that doesn't have sounds, motion and interactivity.  Here's the movie trailer to 'Mousey the Explorer'.

So feel free to pass on this link for some e-book interactive fun!