Sunday, January 22, 2012

Picture eBook publishing tutorial by Julie Olson

Freelance picture book illustrator Julie Olson has posted a detailed tutorial about how she created her ebook Princesses, Princesses, Princesses! on her blog called: How to Publish an Ebook Picture Book from a Mac: for Nook, Kindle, PDF.

Like many digital processes, your mileage may vary depending on what tools you have. In any case, check out her post to read a very detailed explanation with plenty of screen shots (yay!) The comments have some good nuggets in them as well.

Note that she has made the words part of the image as opposed to having the words in "live" font form. There are some disadvantages to this that I'm aware of: 

1 A user cannot use accessibility features such as having the text read aloud
2 Users cannot search on a word
3 The word will not stay as sharp if the page is enlarged.
Just some factors to be aware of when deciding how to create your ebook. I’m not sure whether InDesign could export the file properly the way Julie describes with live text because I haven't tried it. If anybody knows, please chime in.


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  1. I found what appears to be a solution to the accessibility issue when making text a part of the image. This tip works in iBooks Author, could work for other ebook making tools:

    "If you do embed text, make sure to include that text in the accessibility description."

    This is from an iBooks Author article at this link: