Monday, January 23, 2012

Barney Saltzberg: live from Digital Book World

Children's author-illustrator-songwriter Barney Saltzberg is attending the 2012 Digital Book World conference in New York, NY, which runs from today through Wednesday, January 25th. He is live-blogging his notes, so visit "Noodlings" to see what he is finding out. To read the rest of the entries on his blog, click on the right sidebar index of post titles. A few quotes…

How do traditional publishers deal with digital books?

Provide a reason to buy eBooks. Know and understand each ecosystem.

Knowing that tomorrow or whenever, digital is going to be part of the success of the book.
Bookstores and libraries still VERY important in discovery (About finding out about new children's books).

What drives the purchase of a book?

Thanks for the info, Barney!

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