Sunday, October 9, 2011

A librarian looks at book apps

As a new medium for telling stories, book apps include many factors for authors and illustrators to consider. We always love to hear what librarians have to say on the topic.
A mini-series by school librarian and blogger Mary Ann Scheuer considers “ books created in this new medium can engage children, can help them get excited about reading, can make books and information more accessible.”

READ MORE of Part 1: Evaluating Book Apps for Children: Introduction

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“…a slide-out menu at the bottom of every page…symbols that guide users to digging deeper into the content…a thumbnail picture of each page…”

READ MORE of Part 2: Navigation

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“I know from working with many students that audiobooks help provide an essential way into longer stories that they would not be able to read on their own.”

READ MORE of Part 3: Narration

Multiple languages, interaction with words, elements that can be replayed, and how the medium shapes reader expectations are some of the issues Mary Ann touches upon. Happy reading!

Loreen Leedy

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