Monday, June 27, 2011

Speaking of picture book apps...

I gave an hour-long presentation last Saturday for the Digital track of the FL SCBWI mid-year workshop and am happy to report it went very well. Emma Dryden of DrydenBooks gave an excellent overview of digital books and the changes in children’s publishing. Agent and consultant Rubin Pfeffer discussed the process of creating A Present for Milo and much more, while Curtis Sponsler kept our varying devices hooked up properly plus gave many great tips for authors about hardware, software, online resources, and other techie goodies. One cool idea he mentioned is that you can make a book trailer using Keynote... who knew? If you have a Mac, you can download the Keynote Mac app for $20, create a “presentation” (i.e. trailer) with moving images and text, add the audio in various ways (iMovie is one), then export it to QuickTime and load it on YouTube. The Keynote app gives options that iMovie doesn’t have, such as being able to float any font you like across an image.

Anyway, for links to the speakers, the book apps I discussed, notes, plus links to DIY app-creation software, please check out this post on my books blog.

Loreen Leedy
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  1. I'll check it out. Sounds great!!!

  2. Congratulations, Loreen! Sounds like it was a great conference. I'm especially intrigued about using Keynote as a book trailer. I just spent a month in the spring learning how to use Keynote for my SCBWI presentation here in New England.

  3. Keynote works great for making an ebook. The only two draw backs I've had so far were Youtube had trouble with my keynote links and when I exported as a .mov and posted to my site viewers needed the quicktime player to see it (which I found out when I tried to share with my students last week....ugh). Other then that keynote does great stuff and is super easy to learn.

    Next project is to redo the books using InDesign and export as pdf's with video.