Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Innovation in prehistory: iDinoBook

The iPad has been out for about a year, and the apps are becoming more and more impressive. Rather than attempt to describe how the iDinoBook works, check out this video showing it in action:
It’s hard to imagine a dinosaur-crazy kid that wouldn’t love to explore the wealth of information contained within this reasonably priced app. (Click for description and screenshots on iTunes Preview.) There’s also a version that’s optimized for the iPhone for only 99¢ at the moment. The illustrations are by paleo-artist Carlos Leon.

I heard about this app via The iPhone Mom, whose review of iDinoBook is here.

Children’s authors and illustrators who are interested in creating this kind of interactive book app don’t currently have many DIY options, but that situation is hopefully going to change soon. Several E is for Book members have been beta testing app-creation software from several companies... when permitted by the terms of any non-disclosure agreements, various members will be posting about our experiences on this blog.

For anyone in Florida, the state chapter of SCBWI is having a mid-year workshop in Orlando that includes an all-day digital workshop on Saturday, June 25th. The topics include ebooks; picture book apps; electronic rights; and book trailers. I will be one of the presenters and my talk’s title is Picture Book Apps: New Options for Content Creators.

Hope to see some of you there!

Loreen Leedy
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  1. I hope you will post a wrap up after the conference. I cannot make it. I have to take my daughter to camp that day.

  2. This looks to be a fantastic app, with plenty to keep interested minds flipping through the information.
    Am I the only one who is irritated by the page turn moving upwards instead of across though! It must be the 'designer' part of me getting in the way. :o\

  3. Lindsey, I'm planning to post the links relevant to my talk. A wrap-up is a good idea though!

    June, I didn't notice the upwards page turn, that is a little odd. I have an idea that at some point in the near future the simulated "pages," "gutter," and swishing noise may seem rather silly/quaint in a digital book. We shall see!