Friday, February 4, 2011

Shake Things Up Day!

Well, this started out like a lot of Fridays.  Dogs to the groomer. (For the dogs, not me!) Sending off letters.  Coffee.  Oh, I forgot to go to the gym.  How did that happen?

I have worked with the same children's book agent for about 24 years.  We have shared, mostly over the phone, the birth of my children.  The death of some of our parents.  Life stories.  Many books together. We have been partners in a way, for all these years.

So, this morning while I was writing emails, I found myself writing one to my agent. I wrote her and suggested that we part ways.  It was not an easy letter to write.  Something in the back of my head said, it's time to shake things up.  I hit send.  The letter went through.  I felt kind of dizzy.

We spoke on the phone.  She was a sweetheart about it.  She said she understood.  If I ever change my mind, she would take me back.  She said she will be there for questions if I have any.

I'm sitting here, feeling that this is like getting divorced.  Not an ugly divorce.  One where the couple still loves each other, but they've grown apart.  They will remain friends, but it is time not to be married any longer.

Who knows how I will feel when Monday morning rolls along...  Like I said, it's Shake Things Up Day!

Time to move forward and get busy!

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  1. Hi- Not sure if I s?hould say- Sorry or congratulations. ..But I'm wondering why the "divorce." I NEVER got "Married" (had an agent). I never regretted that decision...Though sometimes I do wonder if my career would have been differnt WITH one. I always stayed busy (50 books) it always seemed that I was meant to be "single".
    (And I am REALLY married to my husband. that marriage celebrates it's 30 yr Anniversary thei April.)