Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Musings

It's been amazing reading all the buzzing back and forth from authors and illustrators.  I can't help but think about the famous line, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore..."  The sentiment seems to be, I want to do this myself.   I hear you.  I'm not completely sold.  For me, it makes sense to mine my OP books and proceed with eBooks/enhanced eBooks, apps, etc;   But even with 30 something titles under my belt, I still need an editor. Not that I always agree with what they say, but with the right editor, a healthy dialogue about how to make a book work, still feels like a necessity.

With all the back and forth about apps and eBooks, I am still unclear about how to proceed on my own.  I am in talks with a couple of newly established startups who are interested in producing some of my OP books.  There is more clout and muscle and dollars there to help produce and promote.  Then again, if I do it myself, (assuming I can find a way to produce a title digitally) I would own it!

Having produced four CD's for children and gotten my music on the itunes store, I can tell you that sales have been lackluster.  I know much more now about social media, given that blogging and twittering really weren't around when I started, but I don't think we should underestimate the role of promoting.  I always go back to a piece on NPR about websites.  They said something along the lines of, a website is like a bilboard in your basement.  It can be marvelous, but unless people know it's there, what's the point?

I so appreciate the time people are putting in to e is for book.  It's a community.  We all seem to be going through this at the same time.  I am looking forward to more success stories and ways to move forward.  I think we all agree on what we need to be doing, I just want to be more clear on the path!


  1. What a great quote Barney! "Like a billboard in the basement." I agree. Our greatest challenge, no matter the media, is still BEING FOUND. And that takes reviews, rating, promotion, platform. None of that has changed. e

  2. For me I think it's not going to be either/or with publishers, it's going to be an additive situation. There are a lot of digital projects that could enhance my traditionally published books, but that a publisher wouldn't want to produce because it's not their thing. For example, a reproducible activity book on the same subject as one of my books. Then by promoting the activity book, I'm also promoting the pubbed book. Just a theory at this point, tho' I have at least a couple of pages done on Experimental Ebook #1.

  3. I think forming a consortium of folks with OP titles is a good way to start. I'm enjoying very much what I'm reading here. Also appreciated your coverage on the Digital Book World floor, by the way. Many thanks, and keep up the dialogue, please.