Wednesday, February 16, 2011

iPhone now has The Trappings Of A Real Toy

If you thought iPhones were too breakable in the hands of a child, check this out. Fisher Price has created an iPhone case especially with little ones in mind. In fact, the case encourages them to shake the iPhone.
     They've even come out with a string of "Laugh and Learn" apps that take advantage of the new 'shake it up' nature of the case.
     What do you think, good idea?
     See a demo at: Fisher-Price Gives Your iPhone The Trappings Of A Real Toy


  1. I think it is already hard enough to get my son's hands off of my friends' iphones, and my touchscreen digital camera.. !! :D

  2. After watching countless parents shove their phones in the hands of their kids to get them to calm down/stop screaming/stop asking are we there yet, I'm not surprised to see this.

  3. Well, if you're already sharing your iphone with your toddler, I guess it's a good idea to give it protection. And if it actually will keep the thing in one piece if the kid throws it across the room -- it's one less toy to carry.

    But should kids be looking at screens that young? That's another question altogether...