Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ebooks, Digital Art & Fun

Digital art is challenging... it makes an artist think in new ways.

Digital art can be novel, at least it is for me. There are things that which become possible which I've never been able to do with real paints.

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Digital art is problem solving... it requires new learning curves and improvising new solutions.

Digital art is amazing, at least it is for me. If I'm really lucky it sometimes almost seems like it's painting itself.

Digital art is only as good as the artist who dreams it up though. The same basic rules of composition, proportion and artistic discretion apply.

Digital art is fun! Artists do like to have fun.

Digital art can be addictive... especially when coloring in the afternoon and listening to Ravel simultaneously.

While digital art has no aesthetic advantage over traditional art, I think when it comes to creating ebooks, the digital artist is clearly ahead in the game. Since many of the same tools used in creating digital images are the same tools for making ebooks, the learning curve is already in place.

This art sample is from my second entirely digital book... and it's lots of fun!


  1. John, that is indeed fun, thanks!!

    BTW, I just ran across a tutorial on how to embed sounds and movies in a PDF in this book: Adobe InDesign CS one-on-one by Deke McClelland. It shows how to put hyperlinks, buttons, rollovers, etc. in a digital book. The book came out in 2004, so this is old news, but I haven't run across it in PDFs that I've downloaded... not sure why.

  2. Thanks! I watched some online tutorials about making ebooks, and it really seems like it's 90% the same as making any InDesign document.

    One fun thing is that buttons can be placed as images, so that opens the door to lots of fun possibilities with links.

    Adding sound and animations (just simple ones) looks appealing too.


  3. Thanks for posting, John. I love seeing your art move through the different stages of digital painting. It looks great and it's nice to see some visual material like this on our blog for a change!

  4. What digital fun indeed!
    I am still learning... but I also enjoy the way I can use digital to enhance traditional artwork. So many posibilities... and an 'undo' button - bliss!

  5. Boy- I'm I behind the times...I'm impressed...I'm still paint and brush. BUT I"M STILL DOING EBOOKS!
    Great John.

  6. Have you ever seen how Bob Staake creates his artwork? Watch this video and be amazed...!
    (via Alvina Ling @planetalvina and Travis Jonker @100scopenotes )

  7. Yes, Bob Staake has a unique digital approach. And he does it all on a single photoshop layer in Photoshop 3! His studio screen is a tiny 12 inch display too.

    Bob has a prolific Facebook following. Such a highly amusing fellow! He used to be in the PBA. I just luv his books... they're bustin' out all over with activity and ideas.