Monday, January 17, 2011

Welcome to e is for book!

We are a group of published children’s authors and illustrators who are interested in or are already creating digital books for kids. The premise of our name is that a book is a book regardless of the format. With the option of interactivity within some formats, new creative possibilities are open to us. Our already-published books range from pre-school to Young Adult, so there should be something for almost everyone.

How this blog will evolve is unpredictable, but here are a few of our potential topics:
  • What is an ebook and what do we want it to be?
  • Pros and cons of digital vs. traditional books
  • Ebook formats
  • Ereaders
  • Ebookstore
  • Spreading the word about our ebooks
  • How we write, illustrate, and design for ebooks
  • Software we use
  • Changes in the book biz
  • Collaborations
  • Interviews with e-book makers
  • Reviews
  • Video trailers 
  • Reissuing out-of-print titles
  • Interactivity vs. a reading-only ebook
  • How are people using ebooks “in the wild”?
  • Commentary on relevant articles
  • Indie publishing
Personally, I’m intrigued about bringing my out-of-print titles back into digital form, such as my picture book about theater, The Bunny Play. My current theory is to totally rethink it, cut and paste portions of the art into new illustrations, maybe turn it into a chapter book...who knows! And, I’ve been scribbling concepts for various other new digital books into a notebook. The dilemma is which one to work on first?

This promises to be an exciting journey, so please join us and we can figure it out together!


  1. Wonderful, Loreen! Thank you!!!! Sarah Lamstein

  2. Loreen, thanks for getting this conversation/announcement/introduction off to such a great start... Elizabeth Winthrop

  3. Hey big YAY! We're up and started! I'm very excited to see how this all works . . .

  4. Thanks! We just couldn’t hold back any more, apparently.

    BTW, in case anyone is wondering about the excess of labels/tags on this post, it's just to get the blog layout organized...I'll fix it once more posts are up.

  5. Loreen, Thanks for an awesome kick off post. I'm excited about our new blog! :) e

  6. Woohoo! Loreen- You jumped in with both feet- congrats! Can I add my website and profile? Not sure how...!!!

  7. So excited about this blog! Anxious to read all the posts! We need more info about all things digital ....

    Nancy Castaldo