Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Report from the Digital Book World Conference (part 1)

Children’s author-illustrator Barney Saltzberg is attending the 2nd Annual Digital Book World Conference this week in New York, and we’re honored to reprint some excerpts from his on-the-scene blog reports (with his permission, of course.)

Greetings From New York and the Digital Book Conference

I have been coming to NY since 1980 for picture books.  With thirty something books under my belt as an author/illustrator I am sensing  something different in the air on this trip...

...I walked in to the ballroom and sat at a table where only one other person was sitting.  We shook hands and introduced ourselves.  It turned out, he was one of the reasons I came to New York in hopes of meeting!  I spent the next half hour speaking with Oceanhouse Media founder and president, Michel Kripalani.  Today, in Publisher's Weekly they announced the one millionth Oceanhouse Media download on itunes.  After I congratulated him, I asked when they might take on an author who wasn't on the scale of Dr. Seuss or The Berenstain Bears...

The rest of his post can be read on Barney’s blog.

The DBW conference is geared towards publishers, but naturally is of interest to authors. It’s been enlightening to follow it via Twitter under these hashtags: #dbw11, #dbw2011, plus session related tags. It’s fun to be a fly on the wall, at least! Today (Wednesday the 26th) is the last day, but you can search on those hashtags to get a sense of what’s been going on.

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